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I was the part of the Marketing team. Consultations were the only way of contact between the company and their clients at my Company. My company was providing its services and selling products only via the Internet, and it didn’t have any office open for the clients so we were working mainly through the telephone. It was quite a shock for me – I was born in a small town and I wasn’t used to virtual services.

I heard about them during my studies, when I was educating myself to be a marketing consultant but at that time I had no idea about the existence of these people.

After getting a degree I started to look for a job. It wasn’t very easy because I had no previous job experience. Fortunately, a friend of mine worked in a company, which was selling airplane tickets and holiday offers via the Internet and he told me that that company needs the SEO Consultants.

I felt my qualifications are not sufficient and I didn’t know if I’m the right person to work as the SEO Consultants because I was never very good in computers but I decided to apply for the job. It turned out that I don’t have to be very well equipped with a technical knowledge connected with computers, because we had an IT specialist and the SEO Consultant were responsible for different part of the job.

They were very helpful people and helped me with every technical problem. I noticed that I’m using more of my knowledge connected with advertisement and marketing than with the Internet during my work as the SEO Consultant.

I also have to be a kind of psychologist, because I have to negotiate a lot. For example with the companies which want to put their offers on our website. I have to make a careful selection of them because clients with probably remember only the fact they ordered services on our website in case of any problems with their holidays. SEO Consultants are always responsible for satisfaction of our customers. It’s sometimes really difficult to talk to people but I enjoy it much more than paper work.

I think my manager is happy with having the SEO Consultant, but I’m totally aware I still have much more things to learn. I’m even planning to take some extra courses and trainings next year to be a better employee’s Consultants are now creating our virtual catalogue. We are a well known German company selling clothes, shoes, handbags, leather products and things used for decorating houses and gardens. We were selling our products only in Germany but now we are considering selling them abroad as well.

It’s the SEO Consultants’ idea to get some more clients. We are not selling our products in normal shops. One can order them only from a catalogue. The SEO Consultants are taking care of the promotion and up till now they are doing very well. Were printing two or three catalogues per season, and they are easy to find in almost every shop and news stall.

We also send free catalogues to our regular clients. They can also use SEO Phone Consultations to get some extra information on our products. Our cloths have a high quality and we are sure we will not have any problems with selling them abroad. Especially those German clients are very demanding. We already have the SEO Consultant in our company, because we’ve already created the website some time ago.

But we never thought about selling our products online. Well, it isn’t the whole truth. We were considering it, but we didn’t have enough money to start selling our products in the Internet. The SEO Consultants claimed this would be a profitable investment, but it was necessary to have some money for the start. After gathering some money, we are now able to start e-commerce.

The SEO Consultants are now creating an online catalogue and they are in the middle of negotiations connected with the payment system. The SEO Consultant would like our customers to pay by credit cards but it would be also reasonable to give them a possibility of using a bank transfer. Though, the second option seems to be more complicated and it involves creating a new computer program the SEO Consultants will leave it to our IT specialist.

Author: Search on September 25, 2010
Category: seoconsultant

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